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Calories you need to gain muscles

Step number 1, You have to  figure out how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight,you can do it  HERE Step number 2, Now, you must be clear about how much or fast you want to gain, there is no need to over bulk unless you are a person that really […]

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Get the results you want-try this

So this is something that I am using right now, not all of them of course,but the once I want and what I want to achieve. It is binaural beats (<—link) and also hypnosis (<—link) If you listen to the sounds and/or hypnosis several times per day/weeks/months,your brain will start to believe in it,and when […]

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Find a balance

When it comes to sculpt a better body, you need to find a balance that will work for you. For example.. If you are an apple shaped women and have extra fat on your body,then you have pretty much fat on your boobs and stomach,but not much on your legs,hips and butt.. You want to […]

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Apple to hourglass part-3(weight training to sculpt your body)

Apple to hourglass part-3 In this part, I will talk about the most important thing for an apple shaped women who want to sculpt her body,and that is  weight lifting. Weight lifting is the absolutely best thing to use if someone want to sculpt her body naturally. NOTHING and I mean nothing will come near […]

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Apple to hourglass part-2 (over weight apples/belly fat)

                                     Apple to hourglass part-2 (over weight apples/belly fat) The best way to go from apple to hourglass is if you are normal weight or skinny as an apple. So if you are overweight or have quit a lot belly fat now,I suggest that you lose ALL your belly fat first before you gain big […]

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