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Activate your weak muscle in 5 steps!

This topic is very common. So, I will write about it(again) but this time give more tips.   How many of you have one muscle that is smaller than the other side? Or one muscle that is harder to feel good muscle-mind connection too in your workout than the other side? I think many of […]

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Frog bridge – for upper booty

This exercise is like glutebridge,but for this one, I call it frog bridge because you will keep your legs like a frog,feet together and legs bent and then raise your hips up to the sky.   This exercise must be light(use light weights) and do many reps 20-50 reps. Add this to your routine for […]

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weight plates

Increase weights-when and how much

To get stronger and to gain more muscles, you constantly must challenge your last workout. Which mean.. You must make it more intense than your last workout by either rest shorter between sets,or do another rep more,or increase weights and maybe add another extra set(unless you have not too much sets already)   But ,this […]

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Cable glute kick backs

I tried this exercises yesterday.. This is not an exercise I use to do so I had to concentrate to do it with light weights. Glute kick backs is an exercises that can benefit you who can’t really get good glute contact in exercises like squats,lunges etc And for you who want to get a […]

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Can’t feel your butt is working out?

If you can’t feel anything in your butt when you are working out(butt/legs) you are probably using too much weights for your ass Decrease your weights as much necessary, even if it means your body weight only. Your goal should be “glute contact” so don’t worry about the weights/or no weights,it will come You can’t […]

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