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Back rolls / Belly rolls how to get rid of it

Do you have  back rolls and/or belly rolls?

Have you tried to get rid of it by exercise and healthy eating? and it is still there??

Well IF you have tried to get rid of it without any success I will help you out;-)

First of all, if you collect a lot of fat on your back and also on your belly you probably store more fat in those places AND this is the LAST place your body will burn that excessive body fat off, so this means that you HAVE and yes you really HAVE to work HARD to get rid of it plus be patient!!

You can manage to get rid of it if you really are strict and do your best,you will not see results just over one night,this takes time

You need to lose fat all over your body because you can’t spot reduce fat,even if you don’t think your body burn the fat from your back rolls and belly rolls when you lose fat,your body release fat ALL OVER, your body choose to release MORE fat from other places like your legs,butt and arms rather than your back and

your belly,but it will burn from your belly and back as well but not as much as from other fat deposits.

Those stubborn areas where you collect more fat needs aggressive work,only walks and a clean diet will not help that much,you need to combine walks with intervals and high speed cardio to your workouts,and do high speed cardio and intervals 4-6 times per week along with morning walks

You also need  to vary your workout very often with different types of cardio(bike cykling,running,, jump rope,swim fast,hill sprints etc)

you also need to lift weights and do a full body workout plan,to tighten up your skin with back exercises,ab workouts,arms and lower body workout

circuit training is great for this,because you have a high intense speed and you will burn calories and build muscles. You should ALWAYS beat your last workout and cardio workout,so it is a great idea to get yourself a note book and write down  your speed or your length so you know how much speed/lenght

you should increase the next time,if you don’t increase your intensity/speed etc every week for example,you will not make any progress either and will stay with

your back rolls and belly rolls as they are,remember that you need progressive and aggressive workout to really get rid of your rolls.

Your diet should be focused more on healthy fat( a bit more fat will help you BURN MORE fat as well,but make sure you eat from healthy fats)

if you don’t eat fat,your body can’t burn fat either,reduce your carbohydrates a bit, but do not skip them,because carbs help you to burn more fat and help you to

stay strong and give fuels to your muscles,but stick to good carbs such as low to medium high GL (glycemic index)

There is a BIG myth that carbs are bad for you and for weight loss, that is ALL bull shit,It is all about timing and HOW you choose your carbs that matters for your health and form


You should also eat more of protein,because it will help you gain more muscles plus stimulates fat loss even more

So use these tips and stay focused,train hard and be strict about your workout,cardio and diet!

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4 Comments on “Back rolls / Belly rolls how to get rid of it”

  1. Sylver August 25, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    Hi LO,

    Maybe you can help me. This is exactly what I am having a problem with. I know you have to take in more calories to build a bigger butt. My body stores fat around my waist. Then when I try to lose the fat, it seems as though I only lose the fat that is on my butt. I don’t want to lose to much fat because then I don’t want to look too masculine. Do you understand? Do you have any suggestions? :-(

    • yesmeoh August 25, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

      HI Sylver!

      Yes I do understand that you don’t want to look too ripped to make your muscles more visible which can create a more masculine look
      The only advice I can give you is to find a balance with a body fat percent you think you can handle ,and accept a little bit more fat in other places
      if you don’t want to lose too much fat to look ripped.

      If you train your lower body more and fill it out with muscles to give you more volume,then you will look better anyway if you have a little bit of back rolls/ir belly rolls left
      because the volume on your body will gives you a better harmony, this is what I do, I am not that satisfied with my belly fat when I gain a little bit more,but if I lose too much fat on my belly
      my legs will look even more ripped because I do not store much fat on my legs, so I need to find a balance so I can look at least a bit better and accept a little bit extra belly fat

      If you have skinny legs and a big belly you will notice your belly more than if you trained your lower body to match up with your bigger belly if you know what I mean..
      so try to lose as much fat on your stubborn area until YOU think it is acceptable for you and build up other areas where you think you need more volume:-)

      I hope this helped a bit:-)

  2. m February 3, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    try wearing a squeem…it has worked wonders for me and my friends

  3. Cee-Cee June 28, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    Hello, I was wondering if u can be of help to me. For years I’ve been dealing with this issue of cellulite n I can never seem to reduce it or get rid of it. Do u have some helpful tips that can help me out. thanks ; )


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