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Test and see if you have split abs(Diastasis Recti)

A lot of females who are pregnant will notice that their abs are split(also called Diastasis recti) when the belly grows

there are only a few women who are lucky and don’t get split abs…

I got split abs with my first kid,and I got it around4 month or so, I did not what the heck that was, I just saw a bulge(a long bulge) in the middle of my belly, every time I tried to lean backward I saw it, or did a crunch

I even spoke to the midwife about it but she did not knew what that was! Hmmm what the heck! I though they KNEW about something as common as slit abs on pregnant women!

Anyway, I did my research and found out that it was split abs,so I avoided crunches and sit ups, because if you do crunches and sit ups when you abs are split, you can damage them forever, and you need surgery to get them closer together again

Split abs are not dangerous, it just don’t look so good,and also it can lead to lower back problems. because your abs are like a corset to hold in everything in your belly,and with no support you will still look pregnant and also everything in your belly will “come out”

Ssplit abs will still be there even after you have giving birth,and it can take a few weeks to months until your abs are healed again, so do not do any crunches or situps for at first 6-8 weeks after you have giving birth

AND even if 6-8 weeks have past, it is a good idea to really check out for yourself if you still have split abs or not

because for some, they still have it after 6-8 weeks, we all heal in our own speed

Like someone wrote…you can imagine your abs as a zipper ,and when you pull down the zipper you will see a gap,and this is exactly what happens to split abs, I mean your baby must get some room, that is why your abs get split

Okay,Do this to find out if your abs are split:

1, lie with your back on the floor with straight legs

2, Now, bend your knees so your feet are on the floor,your butt and your upper body will still be lying down

3, Take a deep breath and exhale all the air and pull your navel into your spine as much as you can do,and contract your abs

4, Raise your head and your upper back/shoulder from the floor, your lower back should still lie down on the floow

5, keep this position (as you do a crunch, (no sit up) )

6, Now, see how many fingers you can place between your ab muscles, your fingers should be placed next to each other, and see if you can place 1,2,3 or more fingers between the gap(ab muscles)

7, you will do this procedure 3 times, because you can have split abs belove your navel ,in the middle of your navel or

above your navel, you must test all those three areas to make sure how many fingers you can place between the gap

8, If you can place only 1-2 fingers next to each other between the gap, you are okay.and you can do crunches,

If you can place more than 2 fingers next to each other between the gap, you must avoid any type of crunches,twists,and sit ups, because your abs are not healed yet

For some women, they will never get 100% healed from separate abs,then your only option would be to accept it

or do some surgery on that (if exercise does not help of course)

9, The best thing is to help your abs a  heal faster,is to work on your transverse abdominal (your inner corset,inner abs) this can be done by anyone with split abs

10, The best exercises for that is : The plank(you can start on your knees)vaccum sucks,and also  you can use a cincher

to help with your inner abs after giving birth,because your abs will find each other faster and heal faster

PLUS do some vaccum sucks and planks each days

11,If you do crunches or sit ups even if your abs are split, you can damage them so bad so they will never heal again and you will end up with a gap between your abs,so wait!


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