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How to get rid of stubborn love handles & back fat

Well the answer is simple!


There is no magic,you have to work for it to get rid of back fat and also love handles

you can not spot reduce the fat..

If you are pretty small in the rest of your body but still have back fat and/or love handles you have probably a apple shaped body,and you need to lose a lot more weights all over to minimize the size of your backfat and love handles

We all have some problem areas where our body keep our fat really tight depending on your genetics and also your body type

You don’t have to be an apple shaped women to have stubborn back fat or love handle fat,and we often have more than one body type in one body,but it is often one that dominate more than the others

If you find out that your stubborn fat is hard to get rid of from exercise and a good diet ,then you have to be more patient and also, you have to check out your workout and also your diet and see if you can do it even better

“stubborn fat” need more challenge, so you can not do the same exercise over and over again, you really need to challenge those fat cells with HARD CORE CARDIO

Only walks will not help with stubborn fat,yes it help you to lose fat,but you need more than that, more intense fat burning like cardio in high speed,and cardio must be short and intense!

If you do long cardio,it is harder for you to do it effective because you will get tired after 20 min and you will slow down your speed and mentally you will feel exhausted and you will also get bored in the end,plus lose to much muscles

Short cardio on the other hand will save more muscles,it will help you mentally to keep up with the speed for 20 min

because this is not to long and you will think that you can handle it and give it all in those 20 short minutes,plus you will have energy to get through your cardio workout

The key is with this short cardio workout is to ALWAYS try to beat your last cardio workout in speed and intensity, if you don’t do that, you will not see a different, this will increase your metabolism,help your fat cells to release more fat from the stubborn areas,give better oxygen and blood flow to your muscles,burn MORE calories 24 hours and a lot of healthy benefits!

So, get a note book, write down your speed and intensity for each cardio you do,and for the next cardio workout

check your note book and see how fast you ride your bike(or other machines you use)for those 20 min and try to beat that for the next cardio workout, remember to eat CLEAN and start out with at least 2 cardio workout per week until you are fit enough to do more up to 5-6 times per week and NOT do it longer than 20 min!!!!

NOW! what are you waiting for??? Give those stubborn fat cells a challenge!!!

4 Comments on “How to get rid of stubborn love handles & back fat”

  1. Trish aka german_girl_with_curls February 17, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Great info, thanks for sharing! I am a pear shape, so my back and stomach are not the first places to gain weight, but I will eventually get fan in these areas if I’m eating too much. I’ve heard some ladies say that wearing their Squeems and waist cinchers helped to minimize this problem. I think this might be true in the case of women who are, like you said, an apple shape and probably small everywhere else. But for me I did not find this to be the case. My waist cincher did help to give my waist an overall better appearance and shape. It has a true hourglass curve to it, rather than how most pears go in just a little but seem to stop right above the hips, and then everything just ‘bells’ out. The funny thing is that my smallest waist measurement did not actually get any smaller. But the area above and below my natural waist got ‘cinched’ in, and it appears to be permanent so long as I continue to ‘cinch’ at least a few days per week. So this might be an option for petite apple shapes who do not want to lose anymore weight all over? Just a thought…

    • yesmeoh February 18, 2011 at 11:34 am #

      you are welcome:-)

      This will help all body types,if you have stubborn fat on your thighs,butt or thighs etc that you want to get rid of, cardio is the most effective way to target stubborn fat cells, but I know that some don’t want to lose their butts or thighs,then this is not a problem and they don’t need to do cardio lol

      Yes, some want to use cincher,and if this work for them, it is a good thing to use, but I don’t know about that, what I do know id that cincher will help with the inner ab muscles and if you use it for a longer period of time, your waist will become smaller because of stronger inner abs

      and also it help to remove water in that area and this will make your waist look smaller,for the fat percent, I don’t think that will help to shrink your fat


      • Trish aka german_girl_with_curls February 18, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

        You know, my waist cincher does actually cause me to pee a more frequently when I have it one, but it still does not help with water retention. Even after wearing it for months…it does NOTHING for the actual front and lower part of my stomach. It mainly carved out an hourglass shape through the sides of my waist. So when you look at me from the front, it has a very nice shape…but if I’m bloated and you look from the side, I will still have that lower-belly ‘pooch’. I know some women have said they lost fat on the actual stomach from it…I just didn’t see that happening…it DID reshape the sides though and the waistline, which was nice.

      • yesmeoh February 18, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

        That is great if it did!:-)

        Are you still using your cincher?

        I tried a cincher in the past, but I could not wear it, it was to long for me and it felt uncomfortable, and I am not planing on using anyone in the future either, but if someone can stand the wearing of a cincher,then it is great:-D


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