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Taking a break

Hello everyone, I have decide to take a break from this blog  and also my facebook fan page “improveyourfemalecurves.com”. I have no idea for how long…. EDIT… I am not sure if I will write in this blog anymore,but if you are interested in customized workout plans,then I still do them just contact me at: […]

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Activate your weak muscle in 5 steps!

This topic is very common. So, I will write about it(again) but this time give more tips.   How many of you have one muscle that is smaller than the other side? Or one muscle that is harder to feel good muscle-mind connection too in your workout than the other side? I think many of […]

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Keep on training

Morning shoot. Whenever you lose fat, you will see that you are not that big after all as you thought.   When you are eating more and try to gain muscles, most of it will be water,glycogen and fat that makes your muscles looks bigger. This is a long precess of building muscles,and if you […]

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Lo’s 4 weeks abs challenge-week 4

* Spider man  planks * Crunches * Leg lifts * Twists   Weights or without weights. —————- Lo ,fitness mom of 2 kids,IPT & coach My service page: http://www.gainsexycurves.com My site : http://www.improveyourfemalecurves.com My youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/Gainsexycurves My facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/improveyourfemalecurvescom My email : yesmeoh@hotmail.com

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Do what’s best for your situation

Sick children again,and what do I do?   Well, I try to train whatever I can at home.. I manage to train my quads at least at home and also half of my regular leg workout. It feels weird to not train more but I have to do the best of this situation,and I know […]

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