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LO butt before after

personal workout plan

Do you find my site helpful,but still want my personal help for your goal? Let me help you create a workout only for you and your specific goal.This will help you in the right direction on your journey to meet your goal. All you need to know about how to get a customized workout plan […]

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glute work


For 2 weeks I only did light weight training and also max 4-5 sets in total, just to maintain my form when I had a rough time And yesterday I trained my legs and ass and It went pretty well actually:-)   I am happy that I forced myself to complete it all so I […]

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New steps

Heeey,   I have had a rough time for the past 2 weeks,everything I had was completely gone, motivation,working out and future etc Something happen 2 weeks ago that mad me feel this way and I can still not quit find myself back,I feel pretty lost I must say   But…I am the only one […]

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My two favorites for round shoulders

I love round nice develop shoulders.I am working on mine right now And if you want strong,sexy looking healthy shoulders,then I will give my two favorite exercises to develop round sexy strong shoulders I never get rid of these two from my shoulder workouts, never ever   1. Military press /or Shoulder press   2, […]

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Training hard(general)

Hey people,   I hope you guys are doing well:-)   I am focusing so hard on my workout right now and also try to keep a nice diet.I want to be my absolutely best this time I am very interest in compete some day in bodyfitness,but I am not sure that I have the […]

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los legs muscles flex

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do!

After two pregnancies,long injury over 1 year,children being sick often,I being sick often,lack of motivation,and other injuries… I finally start seeing good results on my legs! I am so happy because my legs have been so hard for me to develop. I am glute dominant so when I train my legs, my ass is taking […]

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